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Pinoy Snack – Cassava Rolls (Kakanin)

Cassava Rolls, tried it?

This was one of the snack sold at our small canteen back in my elementary days. I don’t see anyone cooking this in the province except for my Aunt who specialises this and she was very kind enough to share with me the recipe & how this is cooked.

Mind you, I never thought that this super delicious 3-ingredient snack, was an intense arm workout. Similar to cinnamon rolls , though that is baked, this is cooked in brown sugar,grated cassava & coconut milk, at low heat. Then the fillings were toasted grated coconut with sugar.

I realised that me being a part of the food community besides cooking our day-to-day dishes, is also imparting untold regional food which may inspire your future cooking endeavour.
Nag-nosebleed na ko,wait.🤣🤣

-Kung mahilig ka sa kakanin, I think magugustuhan mo ‘to and dahil dyan I will post this on my YT.

*2nd photo, Nilagyan ko lng ng purple FC, and coated with toasted coconut
*Ung last photo was my first attempt of making coffee art.
I’m a work in progress pa😉

There’s more here…

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