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Cheesy Arroz A La Cubana

‘Res ipsa loquitur.’

Walang relate sa post, gusto ko lang sabihin. Sige nga san movie un nasabi?😂

This meal is like a sunrise to me. I love everything on it. I remember eating this back home and each dish holds a story to tell.This one says about my go-to meal at Mexicali , and the time when I know I’m just 30mins away from home, and not 3.5hrs air travel.😌

And in the beginning…

Arroz a la cubana, (Cuban-style rice) or arroz cubano is a dish mostly eaten in Cuba. Its defining ingredients are rice and a fried egg. A plantain or banana, and tomato sauce, are so frequently used as often to be considered defining ingredients. Its origin is not definitively known; various informal sources state without references that it originated in Peru,[3] the Philippines, etc. Some authors consider that it may have originated from rice dishes with fried eggs from Cuba when it was a Spanish colony.

There are many minor variations, even within the same regions.

In Cuba, a typical dish of arroz a la cubana consists of a serving of white rice with tomato sauce and a fried egg. Sometimes a plantain or banana is fried with the other ingredients.

Arroz a la cubana has been eaten in the Philippines since Spanish colonial times. A modern version typically consists of ground beef sauteed with onions, garlic, tomato sauce, diced potatoes, raisins, and diced carrots, plus white rice, a fried egg and a ripe native plantain, sliced length-wise and fried.

In Peru, it is common for the dish to consist of white rice, fried plantain, a fried hot-dog wiener, and a fried egg over the white rice.

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