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Pinoy Food – Sinugno

‘Sinugno’. Unripe banana cooked in coconut milk with salt or sugar & salt mixture.

Allow me to share childhood memories with this food where maybe familiar to our neighbouring islands.

During typhoon season, when banana trees are the first casualties since it has a very weak trunk, unripe bananas would be abundant. Days after ng bagyo, expected na andaming saging na natutumba and usually ung bunga ay hilaw pa. Laging ganito ang luto ng Tatay ko or Lola ko, kase marami ring mga niyog na nagkalaglagan na pwede mo din lang pulutin, minsan niyubak/nilupak. To the point na nauumay ka na kainin. Ngayon, makakain mo lng kapag nagcrave ka na kainin.

In a sense, nakakamiss ung ganung moments kase kids these days are unaware of how people in earlier generations thrived so differently when faced with this kind of situation. They didn’t get to experience the simple living not because they didn’t want to, but because our way of life evolved or upgraded so to speak.

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I’m sure alam nyo ‘tong luto na to.

Kung may luto sa inyo na ganito, anong tawag nyo? Pls comment coz I’d love to know.

Kakaibang merienda! Tara lets bagets!

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