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Filipino Food – Beef Pares Karinderya Style

Beef Pares karinderya style with pares essentials:
toothpick & paminta.😉

Another first time making pares, although this was the left over from the beef pares mami the other day. Muntik na nga maubos gas namin dito eh. 🤣

I think this is one of our hesitations when we want to braise meat as it requires longer cooking time and draining our LPG’s faster. Using pressure cooker does speeds up in making the meat tender, but it’s not the same flavor compared to traditional slow cooking. Based on experience.

Naka-ilang refill ka ng sabaw kay Ate kapag umoorder kayo ng pares?😆😆

Grabe,hanggang bukas ung busog ko dito.

Hurray it’s Saturday.
Enjoy your weekend foodies!

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