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Banana with Caramelized Sugar

My concept of weekend.

Long before LCD TV and social media saturated our daily lives, broadsheet is one of the primary source of news.
Flashback on college days, I’d scour the crossword puzzle & delve into the PDI, Youngblood section at the library.
I also write a lot but tend to lose focus, occasionally,blame it in the rain! ðŸ˜ºAt this age, I’m a “Love Lucy” fan. I like her thoughts & style.

Nowadays kids only use it when school requires newspaper clips otherwise they’d never touch it. And I can relate though,because even now I’ll only use it for flat lay purposes or something. Politics is a tough issue. For me it’s an open-ended topic which I parry oftentimes. When push comes to shove I get myself involved too.

For my father, weekends are meant for coffee and reading tabloids from the other days issue. Fast forward to now, he would still read newspapers with TV on and later doze off without fail.

My weekend thoughts.

  • Banana with caramelized sugar
  • Lotus Biscoff
  • Black Coffee

Thinking of what to eat next!😉

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