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Chicken & Gizzard Cooked in Yellow Ginger/Turmeric

Ginataan manok at balunbalunan sa luyang dilaw .
(Chicken & gizzard cooked in yellow ginger/turmeric)

This dish is very common in our province, from one of the small islands in the Philippines. It comes with thick coconut sauce, unripe papaya, chilli leaves and yellow ginger/turmeric harvested from our neighbouring backyards. It’s a place where everyone practically knows everyone.

Nowadays, we resort to buying our produce at the supermarket. I personally prefer to grow my own vegetables if given a place. I’m sure I’ll find time.

I love any viand cooked in coconut milk as it compliments rice so well. My father always reserves the gizzard part for me,he knows that is my favourite! ðŸ˜‰

Certainly, this kind is also cooked across all 7,641 islands (based on recent data) in PH and varies on the spices added into it depending on the region.

The second picture is a bowl with lemon and water for washing of hands. Barehand eating is a thing with Asians, you know.

There you go a little bit of history on my side. Thank you for reading my post.xoxo-h

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