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Grilled Sandwich with Bacon and Gouda Cheese and a Breakfast Story

My working hand.

I grew up a lot emotionally closer to my Dad,I think that’s always the case with father-daughter bond. So I naturally took his endurance & strength mostly, my Mom is a little bit on the softer side.

Looking back, my vivid memories of breakfast would always be during weekends. It’s when most members of the family are usually at home. Even to date, when I have my own family, this isn’t something we do quotidian basis.Kids go to school, parents go to work – morning cycle.

And now, I’m having it alone ,sometimes a bread and coffee on-the-go is a default meal.

Yet, thankful that even if time and predicaments changes the way we do things,I have a family with me.
*end of sharing ðŸ˜‰

I’d love to hear your breakfast story too.

Btw, what I’m having is nothing new to your food feed, grilled sandwich with bacon and gouda cheese.Persimmon & Mango Smoothie with a hint of cinnamon is a win.

Please enjoy your day wherever you are. xoxo❤️

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