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Filipino Dish – Spicy Ginataang Labong with Shrimp and Pork plus Spinach

Spicy ginataang labong with shrimp and pork plus spinach ( Bamboo shoot cooked in coconut milk)

During one of my management training here, I remembered our facilitator said that “Filipinos are like bamboo, we bend but we don’t break. We are resilient.
I think so. Mga kababayan ko,do you agree?

Dahil dyan kain na lng tayo ng maraming labong and kanin. 🍚

In quick words, what is Ginataang Labong?

Ginataang labong or ginataang tambo is a Filipino vegetable stew made from bamboo shoots in coconut milk and spices with seafood or meat. It is the most common way of preparing bamboo shoots in Philippine cuisine. Ginataang ubod is a variant of the dish made with heart of palm but is otherwise prepared identically.

from wikipedia

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