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Mango Refrigerated Cake

Mango Refrigerated Cake - House of Hazelknots

Mango Refrigerated Cake

Caveat: long post.

It’s been a year today.

Initially, I had this IG intended for my food photo dump a couple of years ago, but the pandemic paved a way to shift my focus.

Before Covid,I used to hunt for instagrammable spots, cafes and places here and there,and the current travel restrictions halted that part in me, though it still kicks in when opportunity comes.

(Fashion Blogger wannabe on my separate IG😍)

To celebrate the milestone, I made this Mango Refrigerated Cake , mangoes being in season plus it’s one of my favourite fruit. I used crushed lotus biscoff because I ran out of Grahams and it tasted well. Oh btw, I love Lotus Biscoff, so that’s a biased food review there. 😉

I never thought I’d gain more than 1k followers here, for one, I don’t have formal culinary training and most are self-taught and handed down recipes , second, my photography skill is still subpar. I also know that I need to improve on many things. When job and passion are juxtaposed, the challenge is real. But I try my best as much as possible.

Your posts are my inspiration. Seeing delicious food, elegant food styling, new recipes of which I try to adapt one way or another. Peer learning isn’t bad after all.

I’m happy to find new set of virtual friends here, and across the globe, genuine people whom I look forward to seeing soon when the boarders are open and safe to fly back home.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Appreciate your constant support.

It’s always a pleasure to get connected with you all!



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