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Sinantolan or Ginataang Santol

Sinantolan is one of my favorite Filipino dish most especially during santol or cotton fruit season.
You can eat it as viand or as an appetizer with steamed or fried fish


3pcs of Santol or Cotton fruit
Shrimp paste, idealy the pinkish one
Coconut Milk
Ground Pork or diced pork belly


1) Shred cotton fruit (santol) , add in 1 tsp rock salt, then squeeze the juice.
2) Slightly rinse the shredded cotton fruit or santol then put in the strainer.
3) Sautee garlic, onion and pork (meat) then shrimp paste
4) Add shredded santol then pour in ml coconut milk .
5) Cover and slowly simmer until cooked an sauce thickened and dried.
6) Transfer to a clean jar and let it cool first before storing in the fridge.

  • Shell life can go around 2 weeks inside the fridge. It is important to cook the coconut milk well fo longer storage, place inside the freezer.

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