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Ang Balimbing (Star Fruit)

Masarap isawsaw sa asin.
Pwede din iwasan ang balimbing sa totoong buhay.😆

May kwentong balimbing ba kayo?
Kase meron akong kwento.

When I was young, me and my sister would wait until our neighbour would sleep on her rocking chair and we’ll sneak thru my grandparents 2nd floor window where the tree is happily blooming during it’s peak season, with our DIY- catch with the net so that the starfruit won’t fall off. Until, one afternoon we didn’t notice she was actually looking up above, caught us getting the starfruit. We were ashen and never went out near their house for so long. 😂

I want this coated with salt up until our lips turns pale because it’s slightly sour and sweet. This was one happy childhood memories there.

This one’s also rich in Vitamins A, B & C and also has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties & antioxidants that may prevent skin disorders like dermatitis.

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