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Marinduque Moriones Festival and Pinaltok or Ginataan Bilo-bilo

Di kita pag sasawaan.

Ginataan bilo-bilo / Pinaltok.

Besides being our favourite merienda this is one of our usual Good Friday food back home.
Although this is not the original version of our pinaltok.

I know that it is a little bit late for the Lenten post, but I’m sharing succeeding photos that were taken few years ago during our vacation in the heart of the Philippines, Marinduque
Moriones Festival is our province’s most famous and celebrated of all time, usually during Holy Week.

I tried wearing the mask, and it isn’t a joke parading all over town with those heavy wooden morion mask on.

Someday when the coast is clear, please come and visit our quiet and beautiful island.
Not physically there, but my mind is wandering.

Thanks @theagilb I know you’ve been there na… sana next time you come back there, I can tour you around. 😉

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