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Pinoy Food : Ginataang Sikad-sikad in Lemongrass

Ginataang Sikad-sikad in Lemongrass
**(Gonggong or Conch)

**Slightly sauté the onion and crushed garlic in a little oil then added coconut milk and the conch. Put in the lemon grass , (pound the stalks to bring out the flavor) , then chillies.(optional)

  • Cover and simmer for 5mins add sayote (or unripe papaya) season to taste. Simmer until sayote is cooked then add malunngay. Wait until coconut milk thicken and dry)
  • Serve in a plate.
  • Take a lot of pictures first before eating. You know the drill. ðŸ˜‰

Ang lahat ng ulam natin may kwento, di ba?
Reminds me of the days nung elementary ako sa probinsya, lagi kaming naghihintay ng hibas (low tide) para manguha nito. Nakakamiss na makita ang ganda ng sunset na halos araw araw namin pinagmamasadan sa tabing dagat noon. Wala pa kase smart phone nun, siguro andami ko pictures ifever.

Fast forward to now, we unconsciously take for granted this kind of things kase feeling natin- “lagi naman andyan eh” but the hard truth is,no. And oftentimes, it’ll take a loss to realize what you will be missing.

Life is enjoy those little things that make you happy , Katulad ng kumain ng masasarap na pagkain.😊

Ano ang kwento ng ulam nyo?

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