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Pinoy Food – Suman and Coco Jam

Suman & Coco Jam or minatamis na bao, usually made of cane sugar with shredded young coconut.

Brings back memories of bisperas ng Pasko in the province where my lola would be busy wrapping the suman and some she makes slightly bigger para sa mga apo.

Then a few days after Christmas, ipiprito namin ‘to for a crunchier version. Thanks mother for sending this pero inimagine ko na lng muna.

Best with hot choco made of cacao tablea and or black coffee made of roasted rice.

Missing home so much. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Pinoy Food - Suman &  Coco Jam
Pinoy Food – Suman & Coco Jam

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