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Pinoy Handa – Pancit and Lumpiang Shanghai

Tirador ka din ba ng lumpiang shanghai sa birtdeyan? 🤭😆

Eto kase ung di nakakasawa papakin, di ba?

(For the sake of my non-Filipino IG foodie community)

This picture is a typical ‘handa’ or food prepared when someone is celebrating the birthday in the Philippines. If Koreans have seaweed soups on birthdays, pansit either yellow (as seen on photo) or rice noodles(white, bihon) is the Filipino counterpart.

Nowadays, we also consider spaghetti due to cultural evolution but earlier days would be pansit. And as a traditional gestures, we would give a plate to our neighbours on such occasions and comes with lumpiang shanghai or spring rolls and loaf of bread.

But we don’t need to wait for our birthdays to cook this. Let celebrate life everyday.

Happy Birthday All! ðŸ¥‚ ðŸ°

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