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Sizzling Hawaiian Style Chicken Heart and Liver

1) Marinate the liver in pineapple juice, pepper & soy sauce for about an hour.
2) Shallow fry the liver. Tip: Don’t overcrowd the liver when frying. Don’t over cook it as well. Set aside.
3) Fry the chicken heart , but on medium heat until it turns brown.Set aside.
4) On the same pan, sauté onion, capsicum and carrots, add pineapple the last.
5) Add the liver marinate with 2 tbsp cornstarch.
6) Lastly, mix the fried chicken liver & heart.

One thing about me is I don’t eat a lot of what I cooked but –I’m a big fan of someone else’s cooking. I guess it’s because I have already smelled and tasted the food from the beginning until the cooking & photo process. *wink.

But today I super loved this liver dish.. One of my hubs fave. I haven’t cooked this for ages.

Let’s eat!

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