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When in Singapore : Pulut Hitam

Champorado using black glutinous rice or better known here as “pulut hitam” which is a straight Malay translation.

Unlike our champorado, the black glutinous rice has to be soaked first in water for a couple of hours before it can be cooked for better texture. Served with coconut milk plus I made spicy & crunchy anchovies for that Pinoy twist. Personally, I prefer anchovies with our champorado, because it’s crunchy and easy to eat. Ayoko na matinik kase ang hirap maghanap ng suhi. hahahha

A Bit of Trivia…

Bubur ketan hitam, bubur pulut hitam or bubur injun is an Indonesian sweet dessert made from black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk and palm sugar or cane sugar. The black glutinous rice are boiled until soft, and sugar and coconut milk are added.

from Wikipedia

Isa sa mga comfort food ko dito. So eto na, cravings satisfied na.

Tara,Who wants to try?

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