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Cassava in Caramelized Sugar & Coconut Milk

Just a gentle self reminder.
Smile, Haze ðŸŒ»

Cassava in caramelized sugar & coconut milk. ’twas a perfect match to my hot royal milk tea.
Please notice I made a rose with the pandan leaves . Yey!👏👏

I chanced upon a good cassava the other day, plan to make cassava cake, but you know there are days when you feel like just slithering around.

Btw, cassava seems to be called differently in other regions, we call it balinghoy, others kamoteng dutong , kamoteng kahoy, or most commonly known as tapioca.
And to my fellow bubble milk tea fans out there, these is where our boba pearls are dominantly made of.

It’s almost lunchtime.
What to do next?

There’s more here…

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