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Ikea Singapore : Swedish meatballs with Lingonberry Jam and Cream Sauce, served with Steamed Broccoli on the side

Spring cleaning means Ikea.

I love going to Ikea. It’s a total haven for someone who cooks and do home styling at a reasonable price.

The first time I went here reminded me of Summer & Tom (500 days of Summer, watched umpteen times)I wanted to re-enact some scenes sans Tom in the picture.

Besides the lovely array of ready-to-assemble home furnitures, accessories for your home plus kitchen appliances, people also come here for their food.

The most famous is their Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam and cream sauce, served with steamed broccoli on the side.The jam & sauce were amazingly good together. For dessert my top pick is their Swedish daim cake.I also go for their lingonberry juice preferably chilled. They ran out of the LB juice so we had brewed coffee instead.Friends also recommends their chicken wings, they say it’s also tasty.
However, I personally love their poached salmon filet with broccoli & vegetable medallion maybe it’s because I love the first two. Grönsakskaka (vegetable medallion) is a ready-made, potato-based dish with broccoli, leek, onions and cheese. You can imagine the taste now. Yum!

I am so excited to hear that they are soon opening a branch in Manila so my family can come back again to the Ikea restaurant anytime if they crave for their food.

You’ll never leave Ikea without buying anything at all.

Resting while writing this post, coz’ girl 3 hrs is no joke!

Last picture is me pretending to be Summer Finn.🤣

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