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Pinoy Food – Champorado Cooked in Coconut Milk with Latik.

Champorado cooked in coconut milk with latik.

Back in the days, we don’t really use evaporated milk & Hershey’s when cooking champorado .Probinsya-style is always cooked with gata and the all time favourite ‘tablea’ made from pure cacao. Again, this brings very fond memories of my late grand father, as he makes the best hot chocolate I’ve tried. Probably the reason why I’m so fond of anything cooked in coconut milk.

And this coconut bowl is something not new to me,as GP/GM also used this for bowls even then.

I know that the bowls are hard to sit on it’s own so I have a suggested easy tip, by rolling old news paper as shown. We call it ‘dikin’ and usually gamit sa palayok.

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