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Pinoy Food – Spicy Dried Pork Binagoongan

Spicy Dried Pork Binagoongan.
using Cinchalok (shrimp paste)

This MUST be eaten with hefty bowl of rice & ONCE in a pale blue moon, if you know what I mean.😂
You can leave the fat and eat the meat… but girl the fat makes it tastier.

I binged & I’m happy. 😉

Binagoongan Facts

The idea of adding shrimp paste to a dish was brought by migrants and traders from the peninsulas in Southeast Asia – Borneo, Malaya, and Java in particular – before the coming of the Spaniards. Shrimp paste is a common ingredient used to dishes across the Mainland and Maritime Southeast Asia. The Malay, who once settled in Central Luzon, created Binagoogang Baboy, where the dish is most popular.

from My Filipino Recipes

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