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Spicy Aligue Pasta and Add-ons

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So What is Aligue or Taba ng Talangka

Taba ng talangka (Tagalog pronunciation: [taˈbaʔ naŋ talaŋ’kaʔ]), also known simply as aligue (Tagalog pronunciation: [ˈalɪgɛ]), is a Filipino fermented paste derived from the salted roe and aligue (reddish or orange crab “fat”) of river swimming crabs or Asian shore crabs (talangka) sautéed in garlic and preserved in oil. It is traditionally sold in bottles and can be eaten over white rice, used as a condiment, or used as an ingredient in various seafood dishes. The name literally means “crab fat” (or even more literally “fat (taba) of crab (talangka)”), it can also be anglicized as “crab roe”.Most notably, it is used in flavoring a variant of sinangag (Filipino fried rice) known as aligue fried rice.

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